We are proud to provide support and expertise to almost thirty Irish higher level institutions that are members of ICOS by
  • acting as a national voice to influence policy issues related to the rights and welfare of international students, including representation on government appointed committees;
  • delivering regular electronic updates on developments in the international education sector, both nationally and internationally;
  • offering training and professional development courses, discounted for member institutions;
  • working with international students and their representative organisations to ensure their voices are heard;
  • providing advice and information on student immigration matters;

Benefits of Membership

  • Be part of an active network of like-minded professionals.
  • Keep updated on developments in the sector locally and internationally through regular eNewsletters and members' access to ICOS website.
  • Avail of information and advice service from experienced staff.
  • Benefit from subsidised training and networking events.

Become a Member

ICOS is always open to new membership applications from eligible organisations. Prospective members must meet a number of conditions and engage in our application process.


  • Educational institutions and professional training organisations based in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Student organisations, NGOs, faith bodies, private and public sector organisations with an interest in international education.

Conditions of Membership

  • Members should subscribe to ICOS' mission, values and aims and accept its charity status.
  • Members should have a legal identity in Ireland and have been in existence for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Members commit to actively support and promote ICOS' activities in their institutions, and generally support ICOS through participation in meetings, provision of relevant information, and willingness to serve on committees and working groups as appropriate.
  • Members must not make inappropriate use of ICOS' name or logo, or imply that their membership confers any kind of endorsement by ICOS.
  • ICOS reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member failing to pay membership fees, or against whom a complaint has been upheld.

Membership Application Process

  1. Formal letter of application signed by the Director/President or person with delegated responsibility. Correspondence should be addressed to the Director of ICOS.
  1. Proof of legal identity in Ireland and copies of Financial Statements for the previous 2 years.
  1. Brief profile of organisation with particular reference to numbers of international students enrolled if not published on applicant’s website.
  1. Confirmation of accreditation and quality assurance arrangements.

  2. Confirmation of compliance with the QQI Code of Conduct for the Provision of Programmes of Education and Training to International Learners.

  3. Confirmation of Protection of Enrolled Learners (PEL) arrangements.

If all of the Stage 1 requirements are satisfied, and the applicant meets the criteria for membership, the application will be submitted to the ICOS Board for consideration. The Board will then, at its own discretion, invite applicant organisations to meet with the Board to discuss the application further. This meeting is designed to establish if membership expectations on both sides can be met.


Purpose of the Interview with applicants for membership

  • To establish personal contact with the member representatives, which will facilitate communication if/when membership is confirmed.
  • To gain a better understanding of the history, mission and values of the applicant, with particular reference to its support services for international students and its learner protection arrangements.
  • To gain a full understanding of the applicant’s reasons for seeking membership and evaluate whether their expectations can be met by ICOS.

After the stage 2 meeting, the ICOS Board will make a decision on whether or not to recommend the applicant.

If recommended after stage 3, the application for membership will be formally proposed to the ICOS Council at its AGM (usually held in June each year). Applicant members will be invited to the AGM as guests and will be given the opportunity to introduce their organisation, but will leave the room when the membership decision/vote is taken.

Membership Rates

Membership fees