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Vacancy: Programme Officer

ICOS is seeking a Programme Officer who will form a part of ICOS’ Programme Team, providing administrative and operational support in ICOS’ delivery of its commitments to the Ireland Fellows Programme.

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Vacancy: Research and Project Assistant

ICOS is seeking a Research and Project Assistant who will contribute towards ICOS' research into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international students.

ICOS training services


ICOS Training Services

We provide training services in intercultural awareness and competency for staff and students, as well as information sessions for newly arrived international groups, all of which can be tailored to your needs and requirements.

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Scams and Fraud

Some fraudsters or "scammers" specifically target international students, so ICOS has put together some useful information that will help you to recognise when someone is trying to commit fraud or “scam” you.

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Irish Aid Fellowships

Ireland Fellows Programme

ICOS provides management services for masters scholarships awarded under the Ireland Fellows Programme, which is funded by the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs.

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