ICOS appears before Oireachtas Committee to discuss the regulation of English language schools

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Throughout the years, ICOS has done its best to support international students in difficulty, including when problems occur between students and their education providers. Yesterday, we appeared before the Oireachtas Committee on Education, Further & Higher Education, Research, Innovation & Science in relation to the regulation and oversight of the English Language Education Sector.

ICOS recognises that there have been significant improvements to the English Language Education Sector (ELE) in Ireland over the last 10 years, however, we also continue to have serious concerns over the lack of monitoring and oversight of English language schools, and the complete absence of regulations for student recruitment agencies. 

The International Education Mark (IEM) represents an excellent opportunity for quality to be at the forefront of the ELE Sector in Ireland, and ICOS wants to ensure that English language students are protected, treated fairly, and receive a quality educational experience.

The following is a list of recommendations that we made to the Committee:


  • Create a robust external monitoring, inspection, and enforcement system to oversee the implementation of the International Education Mark (IEM)

  • Establish an independent Ombudsman for the ELE Sector

  • Create a public awareness raising campaign about the IEM which is directed towards international students and other key stakeholders

  • English language schools should provide clear details on their websites about the student recruitment agencies that they work with

    Read ICOS' full submission here: https://bit.ly/44Fgcg9



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