ICOS expresses disappointment over the exclusion of non-EEA students from Government rebate scheme

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Today (19 November) the Irish Council for International Students (ICOS) has described the exclusion of non-EEA international students from the Government’s €250 rebate scheme as deeply unfair and a missed opportunity.

Laura Harmon, Executive Director of ICOS said: ‘It’s highly disappointing that all international students are not included in the €250 rebate scheme announced by the Government today. Non- EEA students who work part-time, many of whom are in front line roles, were included in the COVID-19 relief payments earlier this year and the same equal relief should be afforded to all those in education, regardless of where they come from. International students greatly enhance the student experience for all here, bringing diversity and multi-culturalism to the education system. The experience they have here in Ireland will stay with them for their whole lives and they will act as ambassadors for our education system – they should be treated the same as other students and offered the same support during the pandemic as all other students. Non-EEA International students are feeling the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic as much as their peers and it is important that we stand by them. This is a great scheme and we welcome it for the students who can avail of it, but it is deeply unfair that some international students have been excluded.’




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