ICOS launches new online short courses for 2021

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New Online Short Courses 2021

ICOS is delighted to announce new short sessions for 2021.
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AVAILABLE NOW: Virtual Learning: Making the Most of Your Online Experience

The aim of this course is to encourage students to reflect on their ongoing experience of remote learning and how the move to online learning has impacted them. To encourage the best possible academic experience, we will explore with students what strategies they can employ to get the most from their virtual classroom experience, as well as how to approach online learning and communications in an intercultural setting. This session can also be adapted for delivery with academic staff.

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Taking bookings now for delivery from March 2021…

  • Preparing for Re-entry: Reverse Culture Shock

Just as arriving in a new culture can cause culture shock, returning home after spending time in another culture is often followed by reverse culture shock. This session will prepare students for what they can expect to experience, and how they can expect to feel, after returning home, and explores strategies to make the re-entry process smoother.

  • Selling Your International Experience in CVs and Job Interviews

Employers value the experience that those who have studied abroad bring to the workplace, but students do not always know how to talk about their experience abroad and how to use it to stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs. This session will help students to meaningfully articulate their international experience to give them an edge in the job market.

Other ICOS short courses…


Intercultural Awareness & Communication

Suitable for students, and those who teach and support them, this half day online workshop is designed to introduce issues of cultural awareness and will encourage participants to explore their own assumptions and preconceptions about other cultures, and how their own cultural heritage affects their world views, values and assumptions. The session also encourages participants to focus on their communication style, how it is affected by culture, the importance of non-verbal communication signals, and provides tips on how to communicate better in intercultural settings.


Dealing with Culture Shock & Homesickness

This session explores what culture shock and homesickness are, and the different ways in which people who have moved to a new country and culture can experience culture shock and homesickness. A transition planning approach is adopted to enable students to properly identify the changes they are experiencing and introduces them to strategies they can use to effectively manage these changes. Students will leave the session with tips for the steps they can take to help them get through the process.


Immigration Information Sessions

These sessions provide students with the most important information they need regarding the immigration registration and renewal process, the third level graduate scheme and work visas, and provides an opportunity for them to ask questions of our immigration ace, Brian. These sessions can be tailored to focus on specific areas of immigration – for example, we can deliver a session solely focused on postgraduate work visas.


Moving to a New Place: Thinking About Culture

This 1.5-hour session explores what international students can expect to experience during the first few weeks and months of living in Ireland. Students are encouraged to reflect on their own cultural biases and perspectives, and learn about differences in how people communicate across cultures in order to help them adjust to living in a new culture. 


Teaching & Learning in an Intercultural Context

Targeted specifically at those who teach international students, this session will introduce the topic of cultural awareness and explore issues teachers can encounter when communicating to people from a different cultural background to their own. The session also explores some classroom management strategies for those teaching students for whom English is not their native language, and strategies for improving communication and ensuring a positive learning experience for all students.


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