ICOS welcomes Ireland's new international development policy

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ICOS has welcomed the Government’s new Policy for International Development, ‘A Better World’, which will see an expanded programme committed to transforming lives as Ireland plays its part in contributing to a fairer, more secure and more sustainable world for all.  The new policy also reconfirms the Government’s commitment to reach the UN target of 0.7% spending on development aid by 2030 which is a positive indication of its future intent.  

Speaking after the launch of the new policy, ICOS’ Director, Sheila Power, said: “We welcome the government’s new policy and the emphasis on investment in people through education as a key intervention. In particular, we welcome the recognition of the further potential of Higher Education to contribute to development, demonstrated by a commitment to deepen relationships with Irish higher level institutions in the context of development, and by a commitment to a revitalised fellowship programme.”

ICOS has a long history of successful collaboration with the Irish government on fellowship programmes which goes back over 40 years to 1975. There are currently 84 students from 15 countries studying at 14 higher level institutions (HEIs) across Ireland who are supported by an Irish Aid Fellowship. “The Fellowship Programme provides opportunities at postgraduate level to students from developing countries to study at world-class universities and colleges in Ireland. Many of those who are supported to study in Ireland under this programme return to their home countries to work with some of the world’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable communities. We are delighted that the government’s new policy includes a strong commitment to continuing to provide these opportunities,” said Ms Power.

The Irish Aid Fellowship Programme is currently under review with a view to expanding study opportunities for students at Irish HEIs and fostering a closer relationship with the network of former study fellows living and working around the world. ICOS looks forward to engaging with Irish Aid as they develop the new programme.





ICOS' submission to the Public Consultation on Ireland’s New International Development Policy (August 2018)Download PDF


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