Invitation to Tender: Video Production for Speak Out Against Racism Campaign

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Purpose and Scope

The Irish Council for International Students (ICOS) is inviting proposals from suitably qualified applicants to produce video content for a new campaign which aims to raise awareness about racism in Ireland among the international students’ population and general public and how to report racism.

Background and Description of Project.

Having received grant funding from the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, ICOS is seeking to develop short video content featuring international students who will speak about racism in Ireland and how to combat it. This project follows on from research published by ICOS in 2023 on international students’ experiences of racism in Ireland which can be found here.

Budget, Scope of Work and Methodology

The budget must not exceed €6,000 and all costs must include VAT.

It is envisaged that this work will commence in early April 2024 and be complete by end of May 2024.

Project tasks/Creative brief

  • Create one main video for sharing online (approximately 1 minute long) and approximately 3 shorter videos (20/30 seconds)
  • It is expected that the successful applicant will engage with and interview, as appropriate, 6-8 international students for the video
  • It is expected that the successful applicant will engage with and interview, as appropriate, a small number of ICOS staff members/Gardaí/experts for the shorter videos on how to report racism
  • Videos must be captioned in English and it is planned that videos will include of a number of languages
  • ICOS, in conjunction with its Student Advisory Group, will draft a script for the project but will seek feedback and input on this
  • ICOS will select the participating students who will agree to participate in the videos.
  • ICOS will welcome suggestions for locations for filming but it is envisaged that it will be filmed in Dublin City.

The following qualifications and competencies are required to undertake the work:

  • Track record in producing a high quality film/video
  • Proven ability to meet deadlines and availability to deliver the required tasks and in the time line as indicated

The following are desirable:

  • Experience working with individuals from varies backgrounds
  • Experience working with individuals whose first language is not English

Applicants are requested to submit tenders which cover the following elements:

  • Background of applicants / organisation
  • Overview of expertise in the areas outlined in the competencies above
  • Proposed methodology and timeline
  • Project plan and budget (costs quoted must be VAT inclusive)

Proposals will be marked on the following criteria

  1. Applicant profile – including the strength and relevance of the applicant’s/organisation’s background and knowledge/understanding of the project requirements (15%)
  2. Quality of proposal - including level of effort/details put into the proposal and level of understanding of brief (20%)
  3. Evidence of ability to deliver a high quality short film/video with a number of participants interviewed (30%)
  4. Costing of project and value added (20%)
  5. Proposal meets the tender brief as related to the stated objectives, and timelines (15%)

Conflicts of Interest

Any registered interest involving the tenderer and ICOS, their staff or relatives must be fully disclosed in the response to this Invitation to Tender, or should be communicated to ICOS immediately upon such information becoming known. In any case, such information must be made available prior to the award of the contract. The terms "Registered Interest" and "Relative" shall be interpreted as per Section 2 of the Ethics in Public Office Act 1995. Failure to disclose a conflict of interest may disqualify a tenderer or invalidate an award of contract, depending on when the conflict of interest comes to light.

How to Apply

Please send applications to Laura Harmon, Executive Director of the Irish Council for International Students: in pdf format. Any queries can also be sent to this address. Please send completed proposals by 5pm on Thursday 21 March.

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