Revised charges for A&E visits for Short Term Non-EEA students

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A number of public hospitals in Ireland have increased their charges for A&E visits for short term non- EEA citizens from €100 to as much as €506. It is important that non-EEA students understand their entitlements and what they will be required to pay should they need to visit the A&E without a GP referral.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) divides non-EEA citizens into two groups:

Ordinarily resident - a person living in Ireland for at least 1 year or who intends to do so

Visitor - a person living in Ireland for a period of less than 1 year

Students who have been living in Ireland for one year or who will be studying here for at least one year will be treated as ordinarily residents and will pay a standard fee of €100 for a non-referral visit to the A&E. Persons with GP referrals to the A&E do not incur any charge. If admitted to the hospital, a standard fee of €80 per day will be applied, for more information visit the HSE website.

NOTE: It is up to the non-EEA student to show proof that they are an established ordinary resident, e.g. a bill in the person's name, residence permit or visa etc. See here for more information.

Non-EEA Students who are here for a period shorter than 1 year, are regarded as visitors and do not have any entitlement to free or subsidised health services. Visitors are not entitled to health care and will be required to pay upfront at their first visit. Any additional treatment or admission to the hospital will be treated as private care with costs ranging from €800 - €1500 per night. In cases of hardship the HSE may provide urgent necessary treatment at a reduced charge or without charge.


A&E Hospital charges for Non-EEA students on study programmes less than 1 year in duration

St James' Hospital - €506

Beaumont Hospital - €446.82

Mater Hospital - €380

Connolly Hospital Blanchardstown - €100

Tallaght Hospital - €314

St Vincent's Hospital - €300

Cork University Hospital - €204

University Hospital Galway - €200

University Hospital Limerick - €100

University Hospital Waterford - €100


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