Solidarity with victims of racist abuse and violent assaults

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ICOS expresses its abhorrence that foreign workers, who include many international students, have been the victims of violent assaults and racist abuse on Dublin’s streets. The attacks have recently been reported in the media, and incidents seem to be particularly targeted at workers in the food delivery sector. “This is totally unacceptable behaviour,” says ICOS’ Director, Sheila Power, “and must be rooted out immediately. I urge all victims of racist attack or abuse to report it to the Gardaí.” Ms Power also urges language schools and higher education colleges where international students are enrolled to offer guidance to students regarding personal safety and to make students aware of their rights. 

ICOS itself is a member of the European Action Network against Racism (ENAR), and has a dedicated section on its website which is designed to raise students’ awareness with regard to their rights while studying in Ireland. The section includes information on reporting racism:

“Ireland markets itself as a safe and friendly destination to work, study and visit,” says Ms Power, “and it is vital that all agencies work together to stamp out racism in all its forms.” Ms Power also compliments and sends ICOS’ solidarity to the victims and their co-workers who have protested and drawn attention to the problem, and hopes that their actions will contribute to making Dublin, and indeed all of the Ireland, a safer place for all.




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