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UPDATED: 10/10/15

In July 2015, the Minister for Education and Skills said that she expected more English language schools to close. So does ICOS. Here we explain why...

The government is bringing in tougher standards that schools will need to meet if they are going to be included on the next visa list issued on 20th January 2016*. As the reform measures come in, students will have more certainty in buying courses.

The stricter standards mean that some schools which can currently recruit non-EEA students on long-term visas will no longer be able to do so. If they have a business model depending on this kind of recruitment, then we think they are likely to stop being profitable and close.

In theory, students have a contract with a school to receive the course they have paid for in full and this should be honoured. However, we have seen owners and directors walk away from school after school since 2014 and we expect more to do the same as the government's reforms continue.

This site provides advice aiming to keep students as safe as possible by looking for quality *and* secure learner protection when choosing a course.


UPDATED: 10/10/15

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