INIS announce new immigration stamp for Third Level Graduate Scheme - Stamp 1G

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The Irish immigration service (INIS) has posted the information below at its website. The announcement will be relevant to non-EEA students graduating with a degree award (Bachelor's, Master's or PhD) which is accredited in the Republic of Ireland, who will be eligible to apply for the Third Level Graduate Scheme once they receive their results. The scheme allows graduates to work in Ireland for up to 40 hours per week for a maximum of one year, during which they can apply for further permission to remain in the state under green card or work permit arrangements.


INIS Notice to Colleges and Students

At present, third level non-EEA students graduating with Irish degree awards can avail of an extension of their immigration permission under the The Third Level Graduate Scheme. This scheme allows legally resident non - EEA third level graduates to remain in Ireland for the purposes of seeking employment and applying for a green card or work permit.

The stamp the students receive currently is a Stamp 2. For the purpose of greater clarity for both students and employers and to distinguish this group from other non-EEA students it has been decided to introduce a new immigration stamp to cater for those who are availing of the scheme. The new immigration stamp will be Stamp 1G. This new categorisation will also be helpful to employers in determining those students who are entitled to work full time under this scheme.

The new arrangement will take effect from Monday, 1 February 2016 in respect of all future students granted permission under the Third Level Graduate Scheme. There are no changes to the eligibility criteria for the Scheme.

There will obviously be a transitional period where some existing graduates who have already availed of the scheme have a stamp 2 and while others have a Stamp 1G. Graduates with permission under the Scheme with Stamp 2 are similarly entitled to work full time. They should also be able to produce to employers a transcript of their final results from the college in support of their entitlement.

The Third Level Graduate Scheme may only be availed of once. Full details are published in the document Guidelines for Degree programme Students - Page 16 - published on


Source page: Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) - Student Notices 26/1/16


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