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Accommodation Survey 2023

Accommodation Survey of International Student 2023

In 2023, ICOS carried out a follow-up accommodation survey of international students to capture students’ experiences of renting in Ireland. The findings show that many continue to experience significant challenges with their accommodation including overcrowding, scamming, unaffordable rents, sub-standard accommodation, and long commutes. ICOS' research also reveals how some international students are being exposed to exploitative proposals of sex in exchange for a room to rent. 

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Speak Out Against Racism

Speak Out Against Racism 

The Speak Out Against Racism Report is the first in-depth investigation to enhance understanding of the nature and scope of racism suffered by international students in Ireland.

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Accommodation Survey 2022

Accommodation Survey of International Student 2022

The accommodation crisis  in Ireland has reached an unprecedented level of seriousness in 2022. For students, and in particular international students, the search for accommodation has become a huge source of stress and uncertainty. ICOS conducted a survey of international students to identify and highlight the current key issues that students encounter in relation to their accommodation.

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International Student Report 2021

International Student Report 2021

The International Student Report 2021 provides insights into the lived experiences of international students. The research aimed to better understand the challenges and difficulties students have faced during the pandemic in 2021 as well as their overall experience as international students in Ireland.

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Next Steps

Next Steps for Teaching and Learning: Moving Forward Together

The Next Steps project focused on the future of teaching and learning in Irish higher education in the context of COVID-19. ICOS investigated the impact of the pandemic on international students studying in higher education. The research aimed to identify the issues facing international students, the actions that can be taken to address these issues, and the lessons that can be learned to improve teaching and learning, as well as the overall international student experience in Ireland.

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ICOS COVID-19 International Student Survey

ICOS COVID-19 International Student Survey

The COVID-19 International Student Survey was carried out by ICOS to engage with international students as best as possible during the pandemic, to capture student feedback, and better understand the issues facing international students as a result of COVID-19.

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Annual reports


ICOS Annual Reports

Each year, ICOS publishes an annual report that provides an overview of our activities and achievements for the year, as well as a summary of our financial accounts.

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International Student Forum Report 2017

International Student Forum Reports

ICOS has worked with the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) over the years to hold events bringing together students from a range of countries and Higher Education Institutions to discuss issues of importance to their studies and overall experience in Ireland. This informs much of the work we do to support 

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Diverse Voices 1

Diverse Voices: Listening to International Students

Intercultural competency is a skill increasingly required of all higher education staff. The ICOS 'Diverse Voices: Listening to International Students' DVD and training guide is an unparalleled resource for use across the sector, a thoroughly accessible tool for the efforts of higher education institutions to build receptive and empathetic environments for international students.

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