Online Training Sessions for Other Sectors

ICOS facilitates online training sessions for groups and organisations outside of the higher education sector. For bookings and queries, please email


Intercultural Awareness and Communication

from €900*

Delivered via Zoom, this is normally a 3-hour interactive session for up to 20 attendees, but can be adapted to be an information session for larger groups. Please contact for more details and a quote.

*ICOS is offering a reduced rate for members of The Wheel for a limited time only. Contact for more information.

Any organisation seeking to reduce communication barriers and miscommunication between members of a team, or between their organisation’s staff and their clients from different cultural backgrounds. 

This online workshop is designed to introduce issues of cultural awareness to those who work with colleagues and clients from different cultural backgrounds. The workshop will encourage participants to explore their own assumptions and preconceptions about other cultures, as well as creating awareness of their own cultural heritage and how it affects their world views, values and assumptions. The session also encourages participants to focus on their communication style, and how it is affected by culture, as well as the importance of non-verbal communication signals and the way these affect the communication process.

These sessions feature interactive elements like polling, multi-media, case studies and smaller group work focusing on real world examples to explore the theory and put it into practice.

To increase cultural awareness among those working in an intercultural environment, and to foster better interactions and communication between individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.

  • Define key terms relating to 'culture' and apply this knowledge to discuss cultural difference in a positive way
  • Identify the cultural values that cause cultural differences
  • Understand how awareness about other cultures and cultural differences can improve interactions in a multicultural environment
  • Understand how culture affects communication
  • Identify barriers to effective intercultural communication
  • Understand the importance of verbal and non-verbal behaviour when communicating across cultures.