Student Workshops and Information Sessions

Over the last number of years, ICOS has developed three main areas of training workshops provided to students – international and home students.

Information and Orientation Sessions

Target group: International Students

Our information sessions provide practical advice and guidance to newly arrived international students with a focus on immigration procedures to help students navigate the confusing and complex student visa requirements. ICOS can also develop tailored information sessions together with your college depending on your students’ needs.

Orientation sessions can be built into the orientation programmes for international students with a focus on adjusting to a new culture in Ireland and understanding the realities of culture shock and home-sickness.

Information and orientation sessions can be delivered to groups of between 20-100 students and are generally held for no more than 1.5 hours.

Intercultural Awareness & Communication workshops

Target group: International and Home Students

The intercultural and communication workshops are delivered as 3 hour morning or afternoon sessions and are targeted at smaller groups of maximum 20 students due to the interactive nature of the approach.

Students are encouraged to reflect on their own cultural biases and perspectives and learn about how to develop their intercultural communication skills. The workshops include a combination of video clips from the ICOS Diverse Voices  training pack, an introduction to theories of cultural dimensions and communication as well as small group work exercises to allow students to learn about the diversity and cultural experiences of their peers.

These workshops work well for class groups to encourage understanding and integration as well as providing an early ‘ice-breaker’ for students to get to know each other.

These workshops can also be tailored to suit the needs of specific student groups such as student mentors.

Intercultural Awareness & Pre-Departure workshops for student volunteers and study abroad students

Target group: International and Home Students

The inter-cultural awareness workshop can be delivered for student volunteers working both at a local community level in Ireland as well as those travelling abroad for volunteer or study opportunities.

The more general Intercultural Awareness workshop can be delivered over a 2-3 hour session and introduces students to the concepts of cultural bias, perception and communication. If delivered as part of a pre-departure workshop for volunteer or study abroad student, additional time is given to the impact of culture shock and homesickness. For volunteer student groups the relevance of intercultural awareness is set out in the context of responsible volunteer behaviour as set out by the Comhlámh Volunteer Charter.

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